Each academic year, LSU's student enrollment includes more than 1,600 students from countries outside the United States!

In fact, during recent years, the international student population has represented approximately five percent of the University's student enrollment. While there are several offices and organizations on campus to help international students become acclimated, members of the Baton Rouge community are invited to welcome these new students through participation in the International Hospitality Foundation (IHF).

You may already know that the International Hospitality Foundation is a 501C 3 not-for-profit organization with LSU providing office space.

  • Matches Friendship Hosts with students in non-residential program: hosts invite students for a meal, include them in activities approximately monthly, as time permits for student and host
  • Organizes party to welcome new students in the fall and spring semesters.
  • Arranges for students to address local clubs, schools, and churches about their home culture.
  • Coordinates community orientation/shopping tours each semester.
  • Sponsors a Loan Closet for students to borrow or purchase at minimal cost household items during their stay here. Donations of good serviceable items from the community are needed.

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