Student Information

The IHF's Friendship Host Program, pairs local volunteers with international students.

While the international students do not live with their host families, participating students and host families meet regularly to visit, share meals, and learn about each other's customs. A tradition at LSU for more than 50 years, the Friendship Host Program encourages singles, couples, retirees, families, and single parents to volunteer as hosts.

Additional services sponsored by the IHF include social events, an orientation and tour of Baton Rouge, and the Loan Closet, a general store for international students. The Loan Closet features a wide array of house wares, including bed linens, kitchen appliances, furniture, and more. The items are available on loan for a small membership fee. Donations from the Baton Rouge community help keep the closet stocked.

International students who are currently in degree or exchange programs at LSU click here to apply for the Friendship Host program.